Ruth Bader Ginsburg back working the Supreme Court 72 hours after lung cancer surgery


Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is back up and working despite undergoing surgery for lung cancer 72 hours prior, the Associated Press reported.

Court spokesperson Kathy Arberg said the 85-year-old liberal stalwart remained at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center on Sunday to recover from the surgery. It is unclear when Ms Ginsburg will be able to return home.

On Friday, Ms Ginsburg—who has faced and survived multiple health scares recently—had surgery to remove two malignant growths in her left lung.

The doctors found no signs of cancer anywhere else in her body after conducting a pulmonary lobectomy. Aside from the surgery, no further treatment is planned.

The Supreme Court justice was taken to hospital in November after she fractured a few ribs from her fall. It is reported that while Ms Ginsburg was treated for her fall the doctors found two nodules in the lower lobe of her left lung.

This is the third encounter with cancer for the judge. In 1999 and 2009, Ms Ginsburg was treated for colorectal cancer and pancreatic cancer.

Ms Ginsburg’s health has been a topic of discussion in recent years, and has been considered a major matter of concerns for Democrats fearful of a growing conservative majority in the Supreme Court. With the recent controversial appointments of Justice Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorusch, the conservative-to-liberal ratio in the court is 5 to 4.

Ms Ginsburg—despite being one of the oldest justices currently sitting on the court—is also known for her rigorous daily workout routine. She is also known for never missing a day of oral arguments in her 25 years sitting on the court. The Supreme Court resumes on January 7.



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